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    Default Puget M225i 12.1 inch Notebook vs Sager NP2240

    Hello everyone,
    I've been looking around for a while now, I'm going to be traveling in about a month and I wanted a laptop to take with me. I am a programmer and i'll be programming, so I'll be using a Linux operating system and most likely Code::Blocks IDE or simply Vi. I also need the laptop for contacting people internationally so I'll be using things like Google Talk or Skype. I'll also may find myself watching movies, browsing the web, listening to music, and writing documents.

    I really liked the Puget notebook here but I was concerned with the processor. I use a Intel Core i7 myself and generally like powerful processors however I don't believe a Intel Pentium Dual-Core SU4100 is very good.. I'd be much more comfortable with a Core i3 or Core i5 unless someone here could convince me otherwise. The other thing I notice is the DDR2 memory which is outdated and not nearly as fast as DDR3. But the battery seems good, and I like the small size and only 3 pounds apparently. Seems like what I would want for traveling.

    I found this system also and have emailed them to let me get the notebook without an operating system. That one has a Core i5 with 2.5 GHz which pretty nice, and 1600MHz DDR3 memory, double that of the puget memory at 800MHz. Its got a pretty good graphics card so I might even be able to play some games on it unlike on the puget. The problem with this laptop though is the battery life, it only has 6-cells, I don't believe it will last too long.

    Price wise they are about the same (around $650) if I leave the faster laptop with a disk drive, and put SSD in the puget notebook. Or if I leave the disk drive in the puget I can get it for about $100 less (or $513). But I really am unsure what to do. Should I go with the sager laptop, or get the puget laptop? If I get puget should I get SSD? I will be keeping the laptop after the trip and using it in college maybe.

    I need your advice because I cannot decide, is their something I am overlooking? Is the 800MHz not too necessary for what I'm doing, is the Pentium Processor better than I think it is?

    Thank you everyone in advance!

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    Default Re: Puget M225i 12.1 inch Notebook vs Sager NP2240

    For what your doing, and considering that you'll be running Linux, a basic computer will do. Pentium is an older brand of processors, but again, what you're doing is pretty basic.

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