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    Cool Traverse and Fedora

    First, let me say how I'm impressed with Puget Systems and the Traverse laptop. Both demonstrate admirable fit and function!

    Second. The Traverse was delivered (as requested) with Windoze 7 in a 30 GB partition. Well, that was a bit tight, but I was able to deal with the problem with a bit of help from my friends at Puget Systems.

    Third. For you Fedora fans out there, Fedora 16 installed cleanly from the distribution disk with zero problems. It's running fine, thaks. FWIW, the 3.2.6-3.fc16.i686 (latest as of this writing) crashes on boot, but that may well be related to the fact that I'm running the 32-bit version. In particular, the nouveau driver works fine.

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    Default Re: Traverse and Fedora

    Hi Geoffleach-

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback in terms of the Traverse laptop and your experience with Puget. Also, it's great to know that Fedora 16 works well with the laptop. That info will be helpful for our Linux users.
    Wilson Chau - System Specialist

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