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    Default Ivy Bridge (Mobile) thoughts...

    Hey All...proud Puget customer of 2 years now (Order #70099). My desktop system is running perfectly! May even upgrade the RAM in the upcoming weeks when I order a new Traverse Pro 17" laptop.

    I've been doing some reading and it seems Ivy Bridge is due out in a few months. Just a few questions...

    How long after release will they be available on Puget laptops? I'm more concerned about laptops at the moment because that's my next order. I was going to order early next month with a Sandy Bridge 2760QM but am contemplating holding off a bit.

    I'm in the market for a new laptop. My current one is a circa 2004 HP zt3000 with 768 Ram, integrated video a 1.6ghz processor. It just can't keep up anymore and its time to upgrade. I'm looking for a larger screen (mines currently 15.4") along with a SSD and the Traverse Pro 17" looks great.

    I'm in the ballpark for about a $3,000 laptop but I'm debating on waiting a couple months as I've read that the Ivy Bridge processors seem to be looking good for better power consumption and performance over Sandy Bridge models in laptop units.

    I know it comes down to what I'd be using the laptop for but I'm just looking for general feedback on when they'll be available here at Puget and any feedback on rumors and such



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    Default Re: Ivy Bridge (Mobile) thoughts...

    I'd say in general, we don't revamp our notebook line until about a month after the new processors get released. Looks like Ivy Bridge will be released in at the end of Q1 so we probably won't have notebooks available with it until mid-April or early May. It's just my best guess at this point. If you can wait, I'd suggest waiting.
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