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    Default Sandboxie / Defensewall / BufferZone


    I was wondering if anyone had experience running any of these three programs and what their feedback is. They all seem to do the same thing - a sandbox/VM like environment for browsing the web, stopping malware (etc) cold before they have a chance to get to your virus scanner. Of course, this would run in parallel with Microsoft's Security Essentials.

    I am thinking of researching these and using one of them to protect my new machine... but if someone else has already done the research I'd be glad to hear it


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    Default Re: Sandboxie / Defensewall / BufferZone

    I've only heard of Sandboxie and ppl of who use it seem to like it. I've never used either, but I'd imagine they are all basically the same. Would be curious in what you think between the three.
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