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    Default Never Been More Disappointed In My Life!

    Before I placed my company's order from Puget Systems, I thought I knew what I was doing.

    After we received our shipment, the computer they built and the communication I got throughout the process made me realize that there is a difference between building a computer as a hobbyist, building them as a professional technician, and having a company that specializes in achieving perfection do it for you.

    Puget is the perfect example of a company achieving such perfection.

    I ordered a unit for one of our software developers. I was not expecting the level of...everything Puget provided. I got sent thermal imaging of the computer at load during the testing process...are you kidding me? A binder included in the package with a complete list of all the tests done....are you INTENTIONALLY trying to make me look bad?

    This is the first time in my life that I've delivered a computer to someone which my subconscious had zero anxiety about the unit standing up to the test of time. Puget removed all doubt about interoperability of the components and their abilty to mitigate their risk involved with any sort of troubleshooting.

    I have zero doubt that if something really does happen to this amazing machine, Puget will undoubtably perform the same level of service that I've already come to take for granted from them.

    Thank you so much for this Christmas gift....the gift of a stress-free purchase! Well, for that AND making the rest of us feel like amateurs!


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    Default Re: Never Been More Disappointed In My Life!

    Hi John-

    Thanks for your comments. A small business like ours can only survive by focusing our customers and provide the best product and service we can.

    From all of us at Puget, we hope you have a Happy Holidays!
    Wilson Chau - System Specialist

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