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    That's what I thought - thanks

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    It's hard to believe we are just two days short of two years on this system. Two years later and everything (from Puget) is running fine; though I have hated the 5970's (perpetual driver problems with the programs I run) the system overall has been rock solid and taken everything I could possibly have thrown at it.

    System, moved and working, with Spin-Q heatsink.

    My apologies for the poor quality compared to the last shot, but I just moved and the only camera available to me is my phone. As you can see though the Spin-Q is in there running happily, and the bubble bar is no more. Just not worth the hassle for me; function before form.

    On the topic of the move it wasn't as difficult as it could be. I purchased a siphon pump from my local hardware store and spent a leisurely hour-and-half pumping all but the last 2 inches of Oil back into the STP drums. PRO-TIP for anyone looking to move their aquarium PC on the cheap as well, if you get the same style pump I did invest in some hoses from the plumbing aisle. The hoses that come with the hand pump are absolute garbage and packed in such an awful way - they do nothing but collapse. However, the same style of hose that is not garbage and is not FOLDED into the packaging only costs another 4-5$.

    I probably could have pumped the entire system out in half an hour if I didn't have to drive back to the hardware store for some actual, functioning, hose that didn't collapse every pump.

    Cooling performance on the system is solid as ever, with no discernible difference from the original tests, and we have gone two years with nightly power-downs. The only malfunction of note on the cooling system itself was in the Koolance quick-disconnect O-rings - at some point they had bloated and made it right difficult to open the disconnect. Once open the rings split in half, like they do, and cost a total of 1.97$ to get 10 replacements from the local hardware store. #5's in the plumbing section if I remember correctly; obviously I only used two and stored the rest.

    Having just moved and getting setup in a new place I am ever looking to the future, and happy as I am with the cooling setup, will likely purge myself of the 5970's as soon as budget permits. I had been hesitant for so long because I wasn't sure if I wanted to submerge brand-new cards in the oil (the 5970's were only "mostly-new" when they went in), but two years of solid performance is enough to tell me it's worth it. Will test the cards for defects on an air-cooled rig, and if they aren't DefOA I will submerge them forthwith.

    The only question left is what do I replace them with? PCI-E 3.0 cards are backwards compatible with the PCI-E 2.0 slots on this ASUS Rampage III Formula Motherboard board but I am not sure the power/performance gains for the 700 series is worth the scratch when the 600's are going down in price so quickly. AMD is just not in the cards, we are going back to NVIDIA, as the experience with the 5970's has just soiled their side of the fence for me.

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    I like your good work.

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