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    Default 2nd cooling loop

    Does anyone think it would be possible to say add two more disconnects on the top of the rack for an external water cooling loop. So you have your one loop to cool the mineral oil. and another loops that goes through and cools the core components on a different radiator.

    This may also help keep the temp of the miner oil down also, as it does not have to dissipate heat from heatsinks on CPU, GPU, chipsets.

    Also if above idea is possible, would the mineral oil be a barrier that you could cool the water loop below ambient temps and avoid condensation in the oil. So you could drop temps of water down close to freezing point for added cooling of core components.

    Just a thought, gonna be buying an aquarium with income taxes.

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    Default Re: 2nd cooling loop

    Having just assembled a v4.0 kit, I can say it would be possible to run a second (more traditional) liquid cooling loop in addition to the mineral oil - though I question the benefit for the cost involved.

    The mineral oil takes advantage of the huge external surface area of modern heatsinks, whereas a traditional waterblock is designed to minimize external surface area and maximize internal surface area. This would reduce the effectiveness of the mineral oil in cooling an individual component, though really bear no effect on it's capability to equalize the temperature.

    There also comes complications in running the actual tubing for the second system. While I still have one PCI slot on the I/O available, and am using 1 more than the average user, I would see hose routing to be a general pain. Particularly leaving the hood of the aquarium; you would likely need to cut a new hole just for the second set of hoses. With a monitor cable, keyboard, mouse, bubblebar airline, the in and outgoing mineral oil and power all running through that one opening - space is tight.

    It also raises the concern of a leak. While in theory a leak would be immediately visible in the mineral oil (unless using clear coolant), any coolant leaked into the system would change the electrical conductivity of the mineral oil. While, unlike water, mineral oil has a high resistance to this change it would likely still occur. You have also doubled your cleanup in the event of such a failure.

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    Default Re: 2nd cooling loop

    I am actually working right now on a system like this.

    I am using an AC unit to cool an ethylene glycol(70%ratio) mix with water to around -35C the fluid mix can hold -89, very cold. I am then gonna use a 720 gal/h industrial pump to cycle the fluid through my CPU block from there to GPU1 and then to GPU2, from there back into the cooling area and all over again.

    i ran into the condensation issue but it wasnt much of condensation, more of an instant ice sheet on the blocks. so figured if i eliminate the water by adding an non conductive liquid ( mineral oil) i get no more ice sheets. also figure if the tubing being inside the mineral oil cools my oil then that cools the MB components as well which all equals to more OC.

    my process so far i have the cooler made, blocks on cpu/gpus, pump tested and tubing in place, using 1/2" uv tubing.

    i do not have the mineral oil just yet, waiting for next pay check all this stuff gets expensive fast.

    the only thing on my mind is the mineral oil cooling too much and then getting condensation on the mineral oil surface which would then go on to sinking into the oil and eventually building up at the bottom or worse having liquid pass by the electrical components on the way down and short everything.

    any one have any sort of experience with these sort of systems?

    also on the cooling unit the "reservoir" is insulated with a bit over an inch on every side, so from one day to the next my coolant only raises to about -20 holding the cold in and not having to wait for system to cool the liquid between uses. but thats still with the holes for the tubing open so im guessing less temperature loss when all tubing in place.

    ::computer being used specs
    AMD FX 8150, over clocked on regulater water system at 4.6ghz and that was holding at 40C on heavy load, aiming for 5.2ghz at least with this new system.
    16Gigs Gskill ripjaws pc 2133
    1tb wd black
    1050 PSU
    2X 560 ti overclocked
    10 Gal fish tank thats currently holding a breeder set of cichlids to hold it all in.

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    Default Re: 2nd cooling loop

    aero you still interested in subzero or near zero cooling of core components in mineral oil submerged pcs?

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