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    Default Wow.... It's Been 2 Yrs Already

    Where has the time gone ?

    Well I thought I'd leave some feed back regarding this great pc that you fine folks
    at Puget made for me.

    I was helped by William in putting it together and so far
    everything's going really well (knock on wood ).

    I can honestly say that this is the best pc I've ever owned.

    thanks Puget!

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    Default Re: Wow.... It's Been 2 Yrs Already

    Hi Jack!

    Appreciate the feedback. William is great and I am glad the computer is still going strong for you!

    I'll be sure to let William know.
    Wilson Chau - System Specialist

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    Default Re: Wow.... It's Been 2 Yrs Already

    Glad to hear you are enjoying your system, Jack! Thank you for the kind words & feedback
    William George
    Customer Service Lead
    Puget Custom Computers

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