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    Default Anti-virus Programs Causing Internet Problems - Help?

    As of just a day or so ago, every time I try to install a new brand of Anti virus, I'm unable to log on to the internet. Meaning, all is good - I can log on to, or visit any web-page. Then I install a free demo of Avast, and I get an error message from both Firefox and IE. Same thing goes for Kaspersky. Somehow something is blocking something. Is it the Anti-virus program blocking Firefox? Windows 7 firewall blocking the Anti-virus? What exactlyy is happening?

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    Default Re: Anti-virus Programs Causing Internet Problems - Help?

    Trying to install an anti virus system on an already infected computer.
    can prove to be an impossible task,

    removing ready entrenched viruses can sometimes be impossible to do.

    format your hard drive and reinstall the operating system,
    and get anti virus system installed,
    Before you go on to the internet.
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    Default Re: Anti-virus Programs Causing Internet Problems - Help?


    You really should use only one antivirus program. Having more than one can cause conflicts. Try the following:

    Scan your system with your current AV to see if you have a virus, or other malware. If OK, proceed to the next step.
    Turn off any antivirus program that is already installed.
    Download a fresh copy of the AV program you want (Avast! is excellent, btw)
    Disconnect from the Internet.
    Completely uninstall your current AV program
    Install the new AV program
    Connect to the Net and update the new AV program.

    If the install fails and/or you receive error messages, let us know. You don't want to reinstall the OS and all your stuff unless it is absolutely necessary.

    Just a thought: MS Security Essentials is excellent. It doesn't hit your system too hard resource-wise, and it's free. I use it on my Puget system with Win 7 64-bit and it works nicely.


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