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    Question Help with / critique new gaming & video editing build

    Howdy folks! I've pieced together a system I'm planning on building sometime between now and the end of this year. I'll be building two of these, one for myself and one for my wife. We game ~40 hours a week - typical games are LoL, WoW, Sims, Rift, D3, Skyrim, SW:ToR, GW2, etc.

    I also record gameplay (FRAPS), and produce videos (Adobe Production Premium CS5.5).

    We are hoping these will support maxed out / high settings on games for the next ~3-5 years. Hard drive shortage right now means we'll be using our existing hard drives or something else so we're not paying 4x as much. Budget is not to exceed ~$2,500.

    Without further ado:
    I've run it by a one other dude, he recommended a GTX 570 instead of the 580 for the cost/performance ratio. He also mentioned a different SSD - maybe even a PCI based one.

    You guys are all way better at this than me - any thoughts on anything would be much appreciated! I value your input.

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    Default Re: Help with / critique new gaming & video editing build

    I'd be a bit concern with the faster clock speed ram. I know we've had a number of issues with them. If you can get it to work, go for it. For the SSD, we like the Intel SSD drives mostly for both speed and reliability. Finally, if you can fit in your budget, I'd opt for the GTX 580 given how long you want the system to last.

    All the best with your build!
    Wilson Chau - System Specialist

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