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    Default high fives puget

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff early yesterday. I have been looking for a new computer. My Dell is awful, problems right out of the box and support was worse. I was about to buy an HP (owned 2 in the past and they were ok, support awful) looked at Lenovo,Acer, etc. I came accross Puget by chance while surfing the internet and called Jeff. He was polite, professional, patient and not at all pushy. I got a good vibe and spent the entire day searching reviews about Puget as well as looking for other custom builders. Alas, I kept returning to the idea of ordering from Puget. Kudos to Jeff for his help yesterday as well as all the others I have read so many great things about. Although the price quote was about 25% more than I could buy another system for thru HP, etc. I can't wait to call back on MOnday and finalize the build specs for my computer. I feel confident that your team can build me the right computer and provide me with excellent support. Thanks Jeff, hope to talk to you Monday. Kal

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    Hi Kal-

    Appreciate the praise. Jeff is awesome and you are in good hands with him. We look forward to building your next computer.
    Wilson Chau - System Specialist

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    Hi Kal,

    Thank you very much for the kind words! It really was a pleasure getting to know you, and assisting you with a built to best suite your needs. I look forward to speaking with you today. We're happy to welcome you to the 'Puget Family', and look forward to providing you with many years of great service!
    Jeff Stübbers
    Customer Service, Puget Systems
    jeff {at} pugetsystems {dot} com

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