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    Default starting first project

    hey everyone,
    this is my first post, I have decided to start a project. I'm not going to buy all parts at once( mainly because of money shortage) So instead of downgraded my wants, it's just going ot take longer to get it done haha.

    for right now, this is what im looking at getting

    AMD Phenom™ II X4 965 Black Edition processor ( I understand there are a lot of people who prefer Intel, I have always been a fan of AMD so that's what I'm going with)

    I like what i have read about it seems like it's going to be able to handle things for me for a while.

    AMD 790GX Chipset

    I like the option of over-clocking ( I'm not going to over do it by anymeans) and I think it will run smoothly with the processor

    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5830 (100297-2L) 1024MB PCIe x16 Gen 2.1

    decent enough to run the games I play and more ( can always upgrade this, but IMO a good start)

    ok here is where i need help on!

    recommended case?

    power supply?

    Ram ( gonna go with the best i can get my hands on that will be supported by my hardware, have to do some research)

    probably going to go with a dvd burner for now( blu-ray isn't a necessity for me at the time)
    any recommendations?

    monitor and such I'll be getting last once my system is running or might just use my HD TV as it since the graphics card will be running 1080p

    I'm sure im missing something and would appreciate any info and input, as well as your opinions ( greatly appreciated)

    excuse the long post but I'm excited to get this started

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    Default Re: starting first project

    If you plan to add to the system over time I'd recommend one of the newer chipsets - something with official support for AM3+ processors, as those will be coming later this year.

    For the power supply, go high enough in wattage to make sure you are covered for future expansion... but stick with a good quality brand too. Reliability is key there, which is also true about the RAM - so again, pay close attention to brands (we like Kingston's ValueRAM line a lot).

    Have fun with your build!
    William George
    Customer Service Lead
    Puget Custom Computers

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