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    I am finally go to buy a new comp next 3 weeks.

    Comp will be used as gaming, internet browers, upload family pics to the cloud.

    I know Pudget systems does not OC the CPU so my question is which CPU?
    i5 2400, I5 2500, I52500K or I7 2600 series. I ruled out the I7 series, because for my use I do not think its justified. I am leaning towards the I5 2400, to save a few bucks and plug it into RAM and the GPU. I dont mind increasing my budget a bit to get the higher end I5 2500k but if I am not going to OC wouldnt it make sense to get the I5 2400?

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    We do actually offer overclocking on select processors, when sufficient cooling is present. Whether OCing or not, though, I think the 2500K is an ideal choice for gaming! In a pinch the slower i5s, like the 2400, would also be okay: you don't lose a ton of speed, though you also don't save much money.

    If you want to see overclocking options, check out our Deluge line of computers. We can do overclocking on more customized designs too, but the basic principles used on the Deluge are required: good cooling (we recommend liquid-cooling of some kind) and a P67 or Z68 based motherboard.
    William George
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